Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Jeff Wood has been involved in the area of Regenerative Medicine since the early days of the field when it was referred to as Tissue Engineering. Regenerative medicine is loosely grouped into three separate areas; Chemical, Cell based and Scaffold based.

Northside has been working with “ACell, Inc.” in the field of scaffold based regenerative medicine since 2002. Dr Wood has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board since 2003.

ACell is a product derived from the urinary bladder of pigs, harvested, decellularized and sterilized so that only the basement membrane and the tunica propria layers remain. These layers are responsible for the strength and the regenerative properties of the scaffold. Regenerative medicine involves,the regrowth, replacement and repair of damaged or missing tissues. ACell is used in both human and veterinary medicine for wound repair/healing, fracture repair, tendon and ligament repair, osteoarthritis, bladder and organ reconstruction and anywhere there is traumatic tissue loss.

ACell is used in a way that allows the constructive remodeling and regeneration of tissues to their genetically original state with minimal scar tissue. This is accomplished by the recruitment of Stem Cells to the area and the reabsorption and replacement of the scaffold with host tissue. There is no rejection of the tissue as all porcine cells have been removed.

With over a decade of use, Northside and Dr. Wood have been involved in new product development and the international education of scaffold based regenerative medicine technologies.