Pet Food Pantry

Northside Veterinary Hospital and The Four Legged Food Pantry understand the financial difficulties that families may face and the cost cutting that needs to occur. Frequently, family pets are on that list. With a little assistance, a pet owner can often find a way to keep their pets in their home. NVH’s Four Legged Food Pantry program assists Hillsdale County residents who are having difficulty meeting the nutritional needs of their cat or dog due to a financial burden.

This program exists on donations from our generous community. The Four Legged Food Pantry program is intended to supplement your monthly supply of pet food, not be the sole source of food for pets. We want to be able to help as many pets and their families as possible.

Application Terms

  • Due to the fact that we do not always have food available and to allow for fair distribution, we will be calling pet owners if we have food available. Please do not show up and wait outside or call Northside Veterinary Hospital. There is no guarantee that we will have any food.
  • Our volunteers will notify those eligible for a monthly food pickup, depending on what is available. Please make sure your contact information is correct.
  • Applicants must provide proof of residency of Hillsdale County.
  • Food for the program is donated to us from our community; therefore, we cannot guarantee that food is always available or that you will have your choice of pet food brands.
  • Proper identification will be required each time food is picked up.
  • To be eligible for the Pet Food Pantry program, you must qualify as low income, be a current participant in a state/federal assistance program, or experiencing financial hardship due to the current economic situation. To establish your financial need, you will need to show a WIC card, Bridge card, SSD card, Medicaid card, or other qualifying document.
  • Only one application per household is issued. Maximum of 2 dogs and 2 cats per household.
  • You will need to provide written documentation from a veterinarian that your pets have been spayed or neutered. Once you provide proof of spay/neuter you are eligible to receive supplemental pet food once every 30 days, for 6 months. After 6 months your eligibility will be reviewed. You cannot add any animals during this period.
  • Participation in the program may be revoked at the discretion of NVH and the Four Legged Food Pantry volunteers.


To apply download the application at and return it to NVH.

The Four Legged Food Pantry accepts donations of any brand of dry and wet pet food and cat litter, in its original packaging.

Downloadable Files

Four Legged Food Pantry Application