Cat Boarding

Northside offers three types of cat boarding. In addition our facility is centrally monitored for fire and security through Comtronics. The cats are cared for twice a day and any medicines are administered if needed. See boarding release forms for more information. 

The Suites are located upstairs in a temperature controlled and quiet setting. There are six suites that all include a cat tree and can accommodate three or more cats. The suites cost $15.00 per night and $3.00 for each additional occupant.

The Condos are located off of the reception area. There are three condos, all with multiple levels and a glass viewing on the front and back. Each unit can accommodate one or two cats. The condos cost $13.00 per night and $3.00 for each additional occupant.


The Kennel is located in the back of the office and houses both dogs and cats. The kennel costs $9.00 per night and $3.00 for each additional occupant per cage.

Boarding Release Form

Download & Print Form